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Backlink Opportunities

SEO TipsPosted by Steen M. Nielsen Wed, February 24, 2016 09:00:23

Do not cut out good Backlink opportunities

In the recent years, people are being more and more afraid regarding Link Building. People are asking me questions like; “is it safe?” or “We only want links from the exact same niche as ours, no other links!”

The reason Link Building is under attack is because of certain techniques some so-called “Link Builders or Seo Experts” are using, it could be: “black hat”, “Black Blog networks”, “comment spamming”, “keyword stuffing” and general attempts to outsmart search engines. These individuals are attempting to get links without aiming to do the proper work, which is necessary. Sadly enough, that is the approach of the world. If there is a shortcut, it will be found and exploited, particularly online.

Okay, back to the question: “Is Link Building safe?” Yes, it is safe!
If the Link Builder uses good up to date “white hat” techniques, then it is safe and your website will certainly gain in rankings. Link Building is a very complicated area, and that is where the value lies. As with all industries, there will always be people who offer dubious services and products of less quality. You are probably careful about where you order sushi; practice the same caution when accepting links for your site.

The danger does not come from the name, but from the practice, and not all who practice Link Building are spammers. Otherwise, links would not even be a factor in search engine algorithms.

It is however still very important to get a rich diversity of backlinks, not just from the same niche sites, otherwise you will cut out many great link opportunities, with great value. If you can get a link, then GET THE LINK.

An example; was of the hysteria when Matt Cutts spoke about guest blogging; and therefore the web started to buzz regarding guest posting in blogs. This unsettled many blog owners who were already unsure regarding accepting contributions from strangers. SEO business veterans declared “and from this day forth, all Link Building is spam, particularly through guest posts!”

All kinds of pointing fingers and all kinds of names was used “Spammer! Black hat! Link Builder!”

In the end, nothing changed except for some minor algorithm updates. Link Building did not instantly become some cursed mummy. Instead, young SEO professionals renamed their jobs, making new names of Link Building, aka “Link Earning” and moved forward carrying out their job as usual. In the end, if you call it “Link Earning” or Link Building”, if your SEO Company are doing it right it does not matter what they call it.

This is an ideal example of a reactionary, irrational response on either side of the lane (Link Builders, website and Blog owners).

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