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Link Building – Value of .EDU or .GOV domains

SEO TipsPosted by Steen M. Nielsen Fri, April 15, 2016 18:34:31

In the world of SEO, an .EDU or .GOV domain holds a lot of power. In fact, any URL linked to from a .GOV or .EDU domain is raised up in their own organic search engine rankings simply because an .GOV or .EDU domain links to them.
From the search engine’s point of view, the .EDU or .GOV link adds credibility to that third-party website. This is well known among search engine marketers.

But while some may theorize that Google practically values these types of links simply because they are .GOV or .EDU domains, there is no proof of this – in fact, Googler John Mu actually wrote just the opposite in a Google Group recently.

How does a .EDU or .GOV backlink value?

The true value in .GOV or .EDU links comes from the same place as many other authoritative site on the web. Sites with EDU domains typically have high authority as they have been around for a long time and have many quality and trusted sites linking to them, so the true value does not come directly because it’s a .EDU or .GOV domain, but because they are authoritative domains.

Do not Spam .EDU or .GOV domains

Because of the value of a .EDU or .GOV links give to outside websites, they are on a daily basis bombarded by untrustworthy SEO Companies or just plain businesses on all sorts of topics, not even relevant to the site. These companies often try to post spamming comments or want to exchange links (Note! Google technically does not allow paid links and will discount/penalize people for it, however this happens often, and does not always being penalized, if it is not obviously paid links).

How to get Backlinks from .EDU or .GOV Domain

So if you want a .EDU or .GOV backlink, spamming or link exchange is not the way forward. It is a waste of energy trying these methods, and you may be penalized by Google.

However, if you produce some valuable info, or corporate with them on various cases, which is in their field of interest, the backlinks may come as a natural part of this corporation. Alternatively, you can provide value to the students of the school you hope to receive a .EDU backlink from them by creating a scholarship.

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